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About the Book

Nothing but Faith
By Connie D. Ajah-Ayang & Gifty D. Boateng



Imagine being a healthcare professional during the initial outbreak of the Corona Virus Pandemic, having to go to work, and not knowing what to expect. The internal torment of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty grips your heart and mind, but you show up every day determined to do your best to help those in need. Have you ever seen a nurse pray with your loved one or offer them comforting words of Faith? Did you ever ask a nurse to pray for your relatives' safety and health during the height of Covid? Have you thanked a nurse who passed on your goodbyes to a relative who did not make it?

Inside this book, Nothing but Faith, you will be captivated by this intimate and incredible story woven together by two nurses who found themselves on the frontlines during the beginning of Covid 19.

Connie and Gifty share a first-hand account of the arduous journey of nurses during a never-experienced 21st-century global pandemic Learn how their Faith became a beacon of light for the staff at the hospital they worked and how they found the courage to activate their Spiritual Stethoscope armor to go to battle in prayer for their co-workers and patients.

"Nothing But Faith: Activating your Spiritual Stethoscope" is an inspiration to every healthcare worker, especially nurses that regardless of the circumstances you face at work or in life, it is crucial to be in tune with God and His Word! Prayer changes things.


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