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Nothing but Faith

Nothing but Faith

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“"What happens when the one called to give hope needs hope?”

As nurses, we are being called to be agents of hope, healing and encouragement. We are of the few professions – if not the only profession– that are called to carry out the very core of Jesus's teachings: to love our neighbors, to care for and comfort the sick, and to give hope to the Hopeless in times of despair. Nurses are called to be caring and nurturing, but what happens when the one called to give hope needs hope? What happens when nurses are expected to be hopeful? What happens when nurses, who give hope and encouragement to others, need that same hope and encouragement reciprocated back to them to keep their mind, physical body and spirit together-- not just for themselves or their families or their communities, but also for the nation!

This happened to nurses in 2020. It became clear that 2020 was not only the year of the nurse, but also the year of a Global Pandemic. The world needed nurses more than ever. As nurses, we were called to be at the battle's forefront. We were called to fight in a battlefield where we weren’t supplied with the right weapons to fight or protect ourselves with. We also didn’t have that much information about this deadly virus that ignited and is still causing a global pandemic. We were all just learning as we went. All our treatment plans were like throwing spaghetti on a wall and hoping that it would stick. Eventually, as children of God, the co-author Gifty and myself, we knew we had no choice but to turn to the actual source of hope and healing—our Faith in God. We had to activate our Spiritual Stethoscope

So, if you, as a nurse, a healthcare worker or anyone out there, if you have ever wondered how you can hold on to your Faith, how you can grow that unstaggering Faith, in the face of adversity, then, this book is for you!
In this book, we share with you our personal stories of perseverance & survival through the pandemic, tips on overcoming challenges through faith, some of God’s promises for your life, inspirational quotes, as well as daily affirmations.  We also offer you an opportunity after each chapter for reflection; be it creating your own affirmations, or just writing down your thoughts on God’s promises.

We want you to have a set of tips and tools on a firm foundation in Faith (also known as the triple F's) for when you venture into the Lion's den. Despite the mountain or even another healthcare crisis that you may face in this life, your Faith will be so steadfast that you will continue to confess the Word of God and His promises. We hope this book will offer you a blueprint of how you can overcome your challenges through Faith as you embark on activating your spiritual stethoscope.

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