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Happy New Year 2022

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Happy New 2022!

I bring you a Message of Hope!

To you all our fellow nurses and healthcare Workers, and all our friends and followers of Nothing.butfaith. I know despite the celebrations going on for this new year, some of us our feeling Hopeless because of the uncerttain times we live in. But I want to encourage you, that this is not the time to lose hope. This is not the time to give up! Yes the COVID-19 numbers are discouraging, but we got to keep hope alive!

Every day can be filled with hope—the confident expectation that something good is going to happen in our life. God wants us to be full of His hope—believing, expecting, and anticipating great things from Him.

In fact, the Bible says He is the “God of hope,” full of mercy and new beginnings.

When we embrace hope on purpose, it can influence our thoughts, our attitudes, and even our outlook on life. It releases joy, and the “joy of the Lord” becomes our source of strength (see #Nehemiah 8:10).

Here are just a few ways that you can practice living in “continual hope” during these uncertain tines in healthcare and beyond…

• Pray one bold prayer each day

• Do something fun every day

• Help at least one person each day

• Take time every day to think about at least one way God has been good to you

• And buy our book Nothing but Faith; Activating your Spiritual Stethoscope! Coming out #Febuary2022 Pre sales begin in two weeks! It will help you to stay connected to our true source of hope and healing🙏🏼

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